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What are YOU making happen?

This was me exactly 2 years ago, I was so happy to be home and still in the midst of recovery from a terrible car accident. I remember feeling like as long as I could figure out how to walk, use both arms, and get the right word to come out of the cobwebs muffling a jumbled catalog in my mind somehow everything would one day be alright again. Anyone who knows me will attest that speaking and writing are my treasures so words are my precious gems.

I basically had to start over from the luxury of San Diego without a care in the world except which grapefruit I wanted to reach up and pick for breakfast as I soaked in my hot tub each morning to a life of figuring out where to live and navigating a medical nightmare for myself and my little fractured family. We lost a few along the way and had numerous close calls, but finally began to rally and felt like we were starting to "make it happen". There is a funny silver lining that comes from experiencing such tragedy in sets of waves. You either get engulfed and drown OR you become such a strong swimmer that you take grab a buoy and staring working as a lifeguard!

I guess I chose the latter as now I have shifted into to a reality where I can always feel the sun, the storm rarely seems to hit me (or dare to cause to a devastating effect compared to my past), and even when others are running around me screaming in fear I manage to maintain my seat and see past the "madness" and navigate us all to safe dry land.

While I do firmly believe in living in the center of faith and letting what is supposed to happen come to pass there something deep inside that drives me.  On this road you do have to walk your talk in truth and for goodness sakes - come on, lean forward - as I am so excited to see where this ride goes! *happy twirls* Carpe Diane

So, I ask you, how do you "make it happen"? Is anyone really on your team to help you navigate the rough waters of life? If your answer is no one then please know that life does NOT have to be so solitary. Isolation is one of the common issues that individuals bring up in sessions. They admit that no one understands what they are going through. Or they are bereft because they "have nothing" - meaning they believe they have no resources to get out of their dire situation. The truth is they just don't see ALL of their myriad of options, nor do they have someone to help them draft a plan and see it through.

Finally, accountability sounds like such a dirty word but we give that power away all the time to the banker, our employer, our physicians, and even our grocer! So when you think about it why is it so awful to find a partner to help serve as your advocate and wing man (or woman, in my case). You will ALWAYS be in control as no one can get in your mind and make you do anything against your will. We already have strategists but rarely do we have a completely objective party whose sole interest is seeing us live the very best version of ourselves!

Here is a wish and prayer for the individual reading this right now:

May whatever positive dream you focus on expand so may you find the power to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Carpe Diane

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