About Diane


Strategic Business Consultant  Purpose Driven Success Coach


I am a dynamic pursuit driven servant leader with a warrior mentality and an intuitive approach.

My key skills surround creating customized strategic solutions for individuals & organizations to realize goal attainment.

My motto is to thrill my clients by

exceeding their expectations!

Originally from Dallas, I have happily called Greenville, South Carolina home since it was a sleepy textile town.


I can most often be found flying around by the seat of my pants, and am really just a gregarious little Texan gal always galloping towards the light. I am often the one others look to for creative ideas and am thought of as a maven, clever shopper, creative solution source, and solid sounding board. 


I am the proud Mom of one amazing son, James. I cherish time with my family, writing, photography, traveling, gardening, cooking, and riding. Most importantly, I am a native pure spirit and revel in a joyful faith filled life surrounded by peace and positivity while in the passionate pursuit of serving others.
My credo for living the Carpe Diane moniker is

"when you are on the right path, the universe will reach up to meet you."

I would be honored to connect and see how we can join forces to realize whatever goal you wish to pursue!

                                                                                     Blessings, Carpe Diane

To collaborate contact me directly at 864.420.1581
or email diane@dianeabsoluteconsulting.com