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Tom Carver, Your Realtor
I would like to recognize Diane Gutierrez, Absolute Consulting & Coaching for being a top shelf Marketing Consultant, A Chief Strategist and a Tactical Purpose Driven Coach. I have employed Diane for the last year to provide my Real Estate business with the boost it needed to surpass all my sales goals and during that time, she has proven herself to be extremely skilled in all areas of Strategic Planning, Management, Coaching and Tactical Digital Planning.

As my Team Manager, Diane displays the organization, confidence, and professionalism necessary to fulfill this leadership role. She maintains a purpose driven team that is always punctual and hard-working. I have consistently received extremely positive feedback from clients regarding the success of her skills and events she’s managed and the social media campaigns she’s initiated. She maintains a high standard of management and quality of service provided by her and her staff. Having planned websites from small-scale landing pages, all the way to large multi- page websites, she developed from her vision, to the strategic planning stage, to her artistic vision coming to life with the creation of the greatest website imaginable. Tomcarveryourrealtor.com is a vision of success.

She took a little information and turned it in to this intricate, multi-functional website.

She effectively communicates goals and interplay of ideas and concepts.

She continually demonstrates competent performance with a high level of expertise.

And last, yet certainly not least, she is especially effective in the development and use of supportive skills. I am a seasoned veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard and a retired FBI Agent. During my service to this great country, I have worked with some of the most talented people in the world. Diane belongs in that group and she has been an integral partner in my Tactical Digital Marketing Strategy, and it is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation on behalf of such a wonderful deserving purpose driven and tenacious coach.

Angela Aguilar, Safe Space Healing
Diane has cared for our fur baby when we travel for over 3 years now.  I trust Diane with my dog better than I trust myself.  I know when I leave my dog and my home, they will both be in better shape when I return than when I left them. My dog adores her now.

Recently, Diane began helping me start my own business.  She is a go-getter with more pep and spunk than most 4 year olds let loose in a candy store.  She knows the business ropes from beginning to end.  I don’t know that I would have followed this new business through to the end without Diane being there to cheer me on and nudge me forward when I wanted to stop. 
She pointed me in the right direction with so many aspects of the business start-up.  She did an excellent job helping me set up a website and saved me a great deal of money by letting me hand over the reigns and negotiate start up fees for me.  
If Diane did not know an answer, she is DOGGED at making sure she gets the answer with a smile on her face the entire time she does it.  She gave me excellent advice on how to excel and she held her tongue if I decided not to heed her advice.  She is a consummate professional, a joy to work with, and I would highly recommend her talents to anyone that wants to be a success.

Gregg Schuliger, Vice President of Global Sales ModusLink

Every now and then you are fortunate to meet a person who really, really cares about not only your company or profit growth but also for YOU, as an individual.  I have so much respect and admiration for Diane.
She has your best interest in mind-- whether it's helping you find new sales talent, a new healthy recipe for dinner, a new restaurant, or a new look.  Please don't hesitate any longer--- contact Absolute Consulting today and understand what it means to "go the extra mile!"

Amanda Barrett R.T. (R) C.T. (R)
Diane is a spot on go-getter! She is knowledgeable and a great leader. She is very approachable and has the integrity and accountability to get the job done the right way the first time.

Anyone considering starting a new career or business or even an new outlook on life definitely needs to contact her.

Her skills are amazing along with her contagious personality!
You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain by using her services.

Excellent is not a strong enough word to describe her and her capabilities! Thank you!!!!

Bob Stucker, Tool Die Engineer Retired and Thriving
 I have known Diane since 2003 when she taught Yoga. Her talent at teaching complicated forms was an inspiration for me. Her teachings also helped me have an inner calm.
She has helped countless people with complex business decisions that have enhanced their business.
She has what it takes to direct and aid anyone in the business world to become successful.
She is a talent you want on your team or as a consultant.

Kristen, Neil, Skye & Roscoe Jackson
Diane was the best pet care provider. She went above and beyond keeping our fur babies happy and she truly cared for them. Diane was prompt, efficient with communication & very reliable.

We would recommend her for any of your pet care needs!

Dawn, Mike & Brittany Kovach
We got a puppy for our son for Christmas and we needed help training.

We were so blessed by Diane's love for animals and they way she communicated with Brittany and us.
In about 5 weeks Brittany has improved in obedience and walking skills without pulling. It has been great for Brittany and training for us as well.
Diane is gentle but firm and very sensitive to the whole family needs not just the dogs. I've not only gained a dog trainer but a friend as well. 

She is a Godly woman with respect and professionalism.

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