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How many coaches do you REALLY have?

FACT: Every single golfer on tour has an integral relationship with a coach. WHY? Easy, because they acknowledge that they need someone standing outside looking objectively at each component of their game for opportunities to improve. In a nutshell, they need help to realize their goals.

What do they seek in a coach? Someone with experience, skill, talent, and a solid method to guide them to success.

What is the key to a winning team? Chemistry, the coach and the player have to "get one another" and connect on a certain level that makes each open, vulnerable, and bonds them so that they know one another almost without speaking.

That is why I have loved golf for decades, because it is as much a physical game as it is mental. Additionally, once you play a hole, it is done and a fresh opportunity awaits just a pristine green away.

I also thrive from the serenity of sporting out in nature, the camaraderie of genteel playing partners, and the rich traditions that are a pillar of golf's history.

I have the pleasure of playing with the most delightful partners and having the BEST coach. As a result, I have had found that there is always something to be learned about life on the big ball.

From whom do you ask advice in these areas of your life?

Financial, Insurance, Computer/IT, Lawn care, Plumber - TECHNICAL Coach

Physician, Trainer, Acupuncture, Chiropractor - WELLNESS Coach

Therefore, if you seek support or wish to achieve a goal there should not be any question about collaborating up with an experienced inspirational accountability COACH!

Please do your due diligence and find someone who you connect with intrinsically. If you find yourself saying "WHY AM I TELLING YOU ALL OF THIS?!" Then you have found the right person energy wise.

Move deeper and make sure they understand ATTORNEY CLIENT CALIBER CONFIDENTIALITY and can give you examples of that in their professional life.

Also, ask ALL the tough questions about THEIR achievements because this is how they walk the walk!

Ask about their:

- UNBELIEVABLY SKY HIGH credit score - over 800 at least, 843 -BULLSEYE!

- Financial plan - DO they live within their means, debt, savings, and strategy

- Squeaky-clean background - Are they an UPSTANDING CITIZEN? Also who and how do they serve others in their community?

- Professional ability to maintain positions for decades and how long have they been Coaching?

- CUSTOMIZED Program - Some Coaches have written books (My book is called Own Your Own Commando and an excerpt is on my website). Do they offer a Coaching Companion with modules so that you can see the framework of the plan at the first session?

Finally, and this is the MOST important aspect to ANY Coach. Does your Coach have the "run towards the fire instinct"? To find out, ask your Coach directly, if they come upon a vehicular accident and a woman is the ground badly injured. Would THEY just stand there OR be able to remain centered and without hesitation walk directly to the victim and care for her until EMS arrives? IF they respond, "ABSOLUTELY, I could handle that situation!", then THEY ARE YOUR COACH and will see YOU through any fire that tries to snuff the tranquility and peace from your life.

Feel free to ask me ANY of the questions I have posed above, as it would be an honor to support you.

Cape Diane


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