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Skillfully shift gears to stay on track and keep living your best life!

The lyric “nobody does it better” rang out in my mind the other day. I have been blessed and honored to support individuals and organizations as they all experience how to work together in a shifting landscape!

Those of you that learned to drive in a vehicle with standard transition will attest that it was difficult as – beyond the driving - there were so many moving pieces and parts to coordinate all while addressing the unpredictable terrain and other drivers.

Times have has sure changed, cars virtually drive themselves or at least they feed us so much information on everything from our speed and the best route to warning us to an impediment in our path. We heavily rely on this critical data, as it can even predict our arrival time at our desired destination!

For those who are the leader the pack or are looked to for navigational support because others believe they can’t do it “half as good as you” now is the perfect time to pause and address your personal and professional life flow.

For a fleeting moment consider a scenario like you suddenly had to leave your happy life or professional pursuit with hardly a moment’s notice.

If you were away for a few days or weeks would your life (personally: family, friends, dependents i.e. pets and professionally: your clients, colleagues, organization) continue to function seamlessly?

If your answer is anything less than a resounding yes, perhaps now is a time to begin creating an organized plan that outlines the details of some of the processes that you follow in caring for what matters in your life.

Some thoughts to gain clarification on include:

1 – Who serves as my trusted ICE (In case of emergency) and knows how to gain access to my home/office/data to manage appointments, financial responsibilities, and know how to make sure that those that I care for and my obligations are being met?

2 – What are my top priorities? What are the details on my current status and plan for my next steps?

3 – Who manages my assets and has the power to execute decisions in my absence? This includes everything from contracts and accounts to what inventory (home or office) do I have on hand or need to be acquiring in the short and long term.

4 – What are my wishes? Who knows what you want in the way of all major decisions, has access to those details and is accessible to your support system.

When you ARE the one that many rely upon for everything from providing dinner to caring for the lives of your staff, then you must construct and utilize a well thought out legacy plan. By outlining these few suggestions among others, you will ensure that no one is ever left to desperately search for the answers to the secrets of your well thought out and executed BEST life!

I am very detail oriented and have spent over 30 years of experience navigating individuals and firms through challenging transitions with customized needs assessments and my ability to create effective protocol plans. One of my very successful clients invited me to serve as the keynote speaker at his 10th anniversary celebrations and he credited my efforts with “saving the company” as I forecasted a sharp industry turn and created a plan to pivot into a new highly profitable sector that was in great demand and increased their market share! Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to make this the next chapter in your success story.

Blessings, Carpe Diane


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