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Author Your Serenity, Success, and Bliss

Starting today, may we all activate our power to harness our light and bravely walk through our lives to realize WHATEVER it is that we dream about doing, wish for, and desire. Walk, run, swim or FLY!

I meet with AMAZING people and see their light so brightly shining. We go through their dream and we are flying along with ideas, the progress, and the incredible future.

Then like a wave, that hits us from behind – WIPE OUT! We inevitably arrive at the challenges portion, which is where sometimes completely extraneous factors (or yes, they themselves) have invaded their thinking, hope, confidence and sabotaged their progress. I often find the most awe-inspiring people feeling trapped or paralyzed and unable to move forward in life.

Perhaps I sit on the other side of bench too much as I have been accused of being of “thinking too much”, but oftentimes I see things differently from the vantage point of my perch and with the objective perspective. My instinct is to take everyone under my wing, build them some impenetrable armor (optionally I often consider repairing theirs or give them mine – which I do sometimes LOL) and help them conquer their obstacles (real or imaginary) with a perspective shift and a plan of action.

I begin by really looking at situations for what they are, and helping others see the true light of hope. It is common to start believing lies if you hear them often enough OR if they are delivered with enough conviction to sway your thinking. You know the old sticks and stones adage that words will only break your bones if you believe them.

If not checked it can develop into a pattern of self-abuse and neglect and create barriers to success. Please NEVER let anyone make you feel any way, nor expect anything from anyone else. Be the sole author of your serenity, success, and bliss that way no one can ever take your sunshine away! *smiles*


Carpe Diane


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