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Sellin' snowflakes *smiles*

Lately I have been hearing the same message repeatedly: How do I get MY message heard? During this holiday season, I have felt bombarded by so many varied attempts to “sell” me something that I cannot fathom desiring attaining. Selling someone on your idea, product, or service is such an intriguing concept that I felt compelled to address some “do’s” and “don’ts” with my clients that I know are game changers even from the very basic point of perspective.

First, do you really know with whom you are dealing with in terms of ANYTHING RELEVANT to what you are trying to achieve?! Most of us are willingly transparent in our wants, needs, and values. A savvy individual can always spot queues if we take the time to “look” with seeing eyes.

The best teacher is not the one who knows most but the one who is most capable of reducing knowledge to that simple compound of the obvious and wonderful.― H.L. Mencken

I am often stymied by how some approach others and apply their sales technique like a billboard. Some classics are a barrage of haphazard pick up style lines or a string of seemingly nonsensical questions, which BUILD to an abrupt close. If those do not work, what DOES make sense and where does one learn how to integrate a successful process into their protocol? If you have no clue to the answer of these questions then that is a point of concern to address first before moving forward in representing any product or service (including your own).

Next, do you find yourself feeling boxed in by using the same approach on EVERY SINGLE person? Do you think that such a cookie cutter approach works on someone as unique as YOU? Disclaimer: If you are sitting in the catbird seat of wild success then please, by all means, ROCK ON! However, if your answer is that you primarily utilize one approach as that is what your program or firm afforded you and you could achieve greater results with expanded knowledge then please consider taking steps to develop a strategy to stand out from the crown so that you can flip the script!

Finally, I believe that “selling” is futile. After all these decades in the professional world and the blessing of so many fruitful contracts including probably an equal amount of time serving others in a volunteer capacity, I have always found that I succeed wildly because I have a unique approach and perspective. I truly invest in others, take accountability alongside them to uncover what they need, seek, or find valuable. From there, I take a seat at their table where we coauthor solutions that benefit them to convert whatever they desire into a waking reality!

Carpe Diane


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