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How to Move Through Difficult Times

Although the high points help offset some of the rough patches, it is hard won consolation to see that we are being worked on through the trials! *hopeful smiles*

Bruce Lee's authentic credo was NOT to go out and instigate violence, hatred, or even any sort of division. Instead, we share a credo of aligning with your environment to harness its power.

Tapping into your intuition, trusting your ability to size up a situation, and respond with the wisest move (NOT a knee jerk reaction) will always win! I coach clients to approach life with a chess mentality so that they can LEARN to think several moves ahead and safely play out different outcomes BEFORE making any sudden moves. You must navigate like all the players on the board as they all have different points of views, agendas, weapons, AND KEY STRENGTHS. Only then can you decide which way is the best for YOU to move. The one crucial difference in life is that sometimes remaining still the best move! Carpe Diane


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