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Do you awaken each day excited for the revelation of how you are to serve, grow, and learn? Please tell me I am not the only one! *smiles*

I begin by having a moment (or two) of sheer gratitude that I was granted another opportunity and focus on how sweet it is to be warm, safe, healthy, and loved. From that point forward, I submit to a wonderful adventure as each day in the Coaching and Consulting realm is a unique and wild ride! I encounter so many diverse people and situations (some planned and some by sheer GREATER plan) that my time, energy, and talents are constantly being put to the test as I live the saying that in this life there is no dress rehearsal.

These are situations that many struggle with and quite often have NO WAY of predicting, planning for, or preparing ahead on how to solve. Thankfully, I have an unfailing default mechanism, steely intuition, and (for better) have several lifetimes’ of experiences to bring to the table as an arsenal of strength and wisdom. I wield these peace restoration weapons like a stealth operative in the fierce protection of those in my charge. I believe firmly in “see one, do one, teach one” so that others can thrive no matter what comes their way and go on to shine their light! Carpe Diane


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