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We each have the power to accomplish our goals and dreams by harnessing our gifts. This applies to every one of us no matter how we feel right this very moment! The season is changing and that means something unique for each of us. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are all constantly shifting towards something new and different. Right now that can be a shift in the weather, your schedule, or your life’s picture. The change can be something that comes predictably every year or something that comes as a complete surprise. Your life can feel entirely changed by one simple moment in time.

Ideally, we are all working towards the creation of a better version of ourselves, but sometimes it feels more like survival. It does not take much to throw us off our balance, even if we think we are well grounded and stable. Having a solid support network is crucial because isolation will just let our proverbial hamster run amuck on the wheel of insanity in our minds.

Camden Steeplechase
Leap to your destiny with Absolute Consulting and Coaching! Carpe Diane

To be able to “take that leap with confidence” I follow a few tried and true basics. I acknowledge that everything is temporary and rely on a very solid center as my base. I focus on what is important and forget the silly details because they do not matter at the end of the day. I always try to be considerate of the message I broadcast so that gratitude, mercy, and kindness shine. I lead my actions with light, humility, and compassion to respect others. Finally, love trumps all so it is so easy to share my heart with everyone I come across.

Every single individual and creature is precious and we only get one go around on this big ball. My heart’s desire is that we can all be the net for one another and treat each other as good as or BETTER than we are treated!

~Carpe Diane


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