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Precious Commodities: How you treat your treasures is your value declaration

A sweet spring Robin's Nest
Discover your treasures! with Absolute Consulting and Coaching Carpe Diane

A few weeks ago I spied a Mama Robin perched just at eye level in the tree right outside my front door. Her eyes were huge and her gaze was unflinching as I peered respectfully closer at the beautifully intricate little nest she and her mate had woven and was obviously guarding with all her might. My first thought was to set out some water for her and some seed so that she did not have to sojourn far from her precious cargo because I saw something in her eyes – unswerving commitment and dedication to her mission. Over the next few days and weeks I began using my alternate entry, but anytime I glanced her way she was ALWAYS there.

Then a few days ago, she suddenly flew the nest as I walked past and I got a millisecond to glance in and I was rewarded with the sight of her treasures, four brilliant Tiffany blue eggs, in a meticulously cared for nest. My heart soared with excitement and in awe of nature’s miracle!

I approach both professional and personal dealings with the same passion and dedication as this Mama bird. When someone comes into my realm or aligns with me, I encompass them with unconditional support and respect anytime they call upon me to serve. This answer exceeds a code of professionalism or an attempt to build a brand, but a credo of being the very best version of myself.

The more I am honored the more I respond in kind which builds trust and yields a deep bond of trust and brings them to my top of mind awareness for lucrative opportunities and being their stalwart advocate. My mission is to share what has been bestowed upon me in an attempt to honor the mentors that inspire me to keep growing and reaching for the skies.

Just as this dedicated and caring Mama bird exemplifies, I firmly believe in constructive support as fragmentation, manipulation, and deceit never yield a positive result. The human spirit must be nurtured as life can seem like a battlefield just by virtue of everything we must all face as part of mere survival, especially if one strives to thrive. Doesn’t perching together under the protective branches of big shade tree sound better than trying to wing it on your own weathering nasty storms and predators? It does to me. Let us band together and form a flock so that together we can soar!

Carpe Diane


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