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TRANSIENCE:  The essence of the art of mindfulness when we “treasure every encounter for it will nev

We are attracted to others for so many reasons, from strengths to weaknesses. Since whatever we focus on dominates our mindset and can affect our physical well-being then why would we not all wish to live as if each precious moment was our last opportunity to thrive? Oftentimes we are in such hot pursuit of a million items that we believe will bring us satisfaction, happiness, success, or notoriety that we can’t see the forest for the trees. Taking a real honest assessment of our life’s major sectors is paramount to feeling truly centered. We may only see the opportunities for growth or potential, but our key strengths are a unique means to realize achievement of anything we seek to attain in life.

One of the most fundamental areas of our life is physical. This area is like water that flows everywhere surrounding everything. Consider this a foundational aspect, as it is the basis for our ability to find success in ALL other regions. If our physical vitality is lacking then there is little chance to have the energy to fuel growth efforts in any of the other regions. For example, our physical well-being is a billboard for what is going on in our emotional sector. We can easily draw some direct lines to the source of issues by staying mindful to what our bodies tell us through chronic pain and illness. Knowledge of where we harbor pain and how we work through it are key to restoration and balance. We should remain in a thoughtful mode and have an established dynamic plan to maintain optimal health and wellness from a holistic perspective.

During the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, ichigo ichie serves as a reminder that each experience is unique and one that we can never replicate. Therefore, knowing how our bodies work and treating them from a root level will yield a beautiful and formidable tree that can blossom in any season. All we were gifted is now, so let’s live as though each moment is precious!

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