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Enlightenment vs. Disruption

The past few weeks I was away on travel and running at a remote location. In an effort to mix things up lately, I have been trying to disconnect and listen to the radio for fresh messages. Much to my dismay, the signal to one of my favorite stations kept breaking up. I struggled to hear a song all the way through without static and other stations interfering. My natural reaction was to focus harder and listen more intently. At first, I tried to fight the ever-shifting tide and stay on the beat with the songs. Sure enough, the constant and loud interruptions threw off my pleasure, breathing, and my stride suffered. Then after a while, I just went with whatever came on and let the prevailing wind take me wherever I was supposed to go.

I am back home now and in my groove again. Sure enough my running is going better than well. A familiar area exerciser actually clapped in joy at the sight of my improved ability to run. Her congratulations buoyed my spirit. I picked up this acorn not only to mark my sheer joy for the accomplishment, but also because I felt deep gratitude for her supportive gesture. Her acknowledgement made such a profound impact on me.

If given a choice I would approach all things from the enlightenment perspective instead of disruption. Since all words and ideas carry vibration and significance, let us break down what we are talking about for a moment.

Disruption is classically defined as a disturbance or problems that interrupt an event, activity, or process. The hashtags that came up with disruption are hurt, disorder, disregard, and confusion. Advertising mogul Jean-Marie Dru spun the term to mean “radical marketplace change” according to Wikipedia. The premise is basic across all sectors and stems from a new product, service, or concept taking root and rising up to domination by demolishing competitors.

As you might imagine, I champion the case for enlightenment. Synonyms include insight, understanding, awareness, wisdom, education, learning, knowledge, illumination, awakening, instruction, teaching, sophistication, advancement, development, open-mindedness, culture, refinement, cultivation, and civilization. Notably, the opposite of disruption is order, structure, harmony, peace, unity, and creation. We can all look at both columns here and make our personal and professional choices. Obviously, this is where I see that we can gain some traction to move forward. The bottom line is in which lane are you going navigate your life? Which will help you lead a rich and fulfilling life? I know for me moving towards my strong center is a foothold that leads me towards what I wish for us all - enlightenment and peace.

~Carpe Diane


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