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Insider's Personal Shopping Tip: How To Get Him What He Really Wants For Father's Day!

Hopefully at Easter, Mother's Day, your recent Beach/Mountain "vacay" or maybe even just one of these recent recent dog days of summer you have snapped some precious family pictures! It matters not whether the pic was captured on your nice camera or even on your cell phone, just make your way over to your nearest pharmacy and make nice with the folks behind the counter as they have a myriad of USB cables (or bring your own charger if you're really squared away) and you're all set to connect to the self serve kiosk and make a unique portrait, fridge magnet, poster, or one of a kind card if you're the really "keep it simple" type.

Most of the men in our lives are Father's whether of the upright or four legged furry babies. And all men love to be appreciated and receive acknowledgement of their contribution, so get creative.

For a framed picture you can go really simple or fabulous at Marshall's Home Good Store or quite simple at the Dollar Store of your choice.

Please contact me for a really unique (and organic) way to "sign" your cards that your Father, Grandfather or whatever Man you are acknowledging will NEVER EVER forget as well as a simple BUT absolutely memorable way that you can easily share really cute and special "creations" so that you can cherish the memories forever (and easily share them with Your friends ~ for you avid Social Media posters?!?!)

Finally, to "wrap it up"

Do You shop at Trader Joe's like I do? Then surely you have a few of those neat paper bags stacked in your pantry like I do. Well, my wrapping paper idea is to utilize my relaxation time when I sketch or color and create a themed paper to coordinate with the gift I have created. Once I have put my personal signature on the card and topped it off with a custom ribbon I am all done and the recipient is always delighted with their gift and they are sure that it was ABSOLUTELY not something just plucked off the shelf, but a unique Diane creation with JUST them in mind!

Happy Father's Day 2016


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