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Living the Life of Your Dreams

Every single moment I am so grateful and filled with thanks for this beautiful gift of a life. I feel like I live the life of dreams no matter what comes my way (and trust me, it IS a choice sometimes)! *smiles*

LOVE the life you have while you CREATE the life of your DREAMS. - Hal Elrod

Focusing on what really matters and letting the rest fall away gets me through so many trials AND tribulations. I do that by TRYING TO surround myself with positive people that love and build me up. Should I come across one of those special but fragmented hearts that tries to "go to the dark side", start throwing shade, living in the past, or getting into party planning (YOU KNOW - the DREADED PITY PARTY) then I head right for the simple redirection question, "So how does that/He/She bring love and light to your/our life?" It usually is a dead stop or at least hits the pause button. This indicates that I am not gonna play OR use my calligraphy skills to handwrite envelopes to the party *wink*

If you ever feel like someone is crashing in on YOUR dreams then pull on some of that armor and own your personal power! If that is a totally alien concept to you then message me and LET'S get started on turning your life to that direction.

I remain so thankful and grateful, Carpe Diane


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