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Taking Ownership!

TAKING OWNERSHIP: The ability to harness our power and energy to realize goal attainment despite challenges

When we want something, we are usually in one of three states: trying to get it, fighting it, or in denial that we need to address it. Consider just a few common examples that I deal with quite frequently success, employment, health, relationship, and direction.

This applies to personal and professional scenarios from forming relationships to deciding what we want to do with our lives professionally. On the professional side, for example, we can just take several random jobs and try to patch together some sort of existence, but the route that yields the highest return is one of strategy.

If you wish to be a broker then you would logically begin as a realtor and after experience and forming a team, then you might work your way up to open your own house and serve as the broker to other realtors. Likewise, if you have aspirations to run a travel agency you might have to begin answering phones, delivering tickets, and filing brochures. Before long, you might get the chance to help with reports and serving some clients with simple bookings. After the proper training, you might work your way up to being a full service agent, the bookkeeper, and then the CFO. If timing and opportunity shine upon you, you may even realize your goal and earn a management position! *smiles* Yes, this happened to me personally.

In the personal realm, choosing the right circle is critical as others are a reflection of who you are and often the ones you call upon in times of need. If you choose “takers” then you are guaranteed a relationship filled with “giving” and “doing” which are all beautiful, but should you ever find yourself in real need then you might end up disappointed.


"When a team takes ownership of its problems, the problem gets solved. It is true on the battlefield, it is true in business, and it is true in life." Jocko Willink


A support network is critical because although you cannot choose some of the individuals in your life, just having a mentor or coach there when you seek a clear bit of insight, fresh perspective or unbiased opinion is priceless. Friends and family might truly care about you and your well-being, but oftentimes they are powerless to overcome their personal agenda for you. For example, a parent might try to take care of her daughter by counseling her towards marriage without considering that independence is the stronger option. The parent may not see that their child would thrive if allowed to make it on their own first to avoid co-dependent relationships. The logic is that if the daughter is “taken care of” then she will be free and available to take care of her parent in return. That sounds like common sense, but many people unwittingly try to relieve themselves of their concerns for others without looking at the whole picture. This may be due to fear and anxiety in their own past or present that they project onto their loved one. Please note, there is absolutely no malice here, just a warped perspective.

The truth is that no matter which state of reality we accept in our lives, we must move forward and Charlie Mike which means continue mission. We each get to decide if we make a knee jerk reaction, plod around in the dark, or make strong decisions. If you are struggling with taking ownership over harnessing your power, consider reaching out and find a coach that you resonate with to help you avoid those stumbles. I believe that with a willing partner we can navigate any situation. I support others with light, a focus on key strengths, and without judgement.


Carpe Diane

Diane Gutierrez

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