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Transparency: Shine Light on the Path

Thoreau encourages us to walk boldly into the darkness to our success!
Shine Light on your path. Carpe Diane

So often, there is such a great divide between what we have and what we seek. Our goals keep changing or obstacles get in the way of our success just as it comes within our grasp. We can begin to feel as though the finish line is unreachable. Fear not, there is hope to get what will bring us self-actualization without sacrificing our peace if we look for the light on the path.

Some primary reasons include feeling exhausted, defeated, or unsupported. All of which are true if we are pulling all the weight alone. The “it takes a village” adage is NOT just a saying; it is a way of getting things DONE! I have personally been charged with overextending myself and self-sacrificing in the service of others. I know it is just part of my ENFJ personality type, but I literally live to serve. It is what fuels me and gives me light. I thrive when in the company of others who are like-minded because we create a net of support and care for one another. I can be vulnerable, unburden, and create an environment of transparency where real sharing can occur. This time and safety bonds me to those few very special people and I cherish them for that blessing of encouragement.

Should you not have this special person or group in your life then I highly recommend finding someone that you resonate with for support. This person will be there to go on exciting adventures with, but they will also call you out when you stray from the road less traveled.

My credo for inspiration, accountability, and holistic wellness coaching comes from a place of positivity. We already are well acquainted with our darkness, but I enjoy helping others explore life in the light. I believe that it bears repeating that whatever you focus on will expand. I choose to focus on needs over wants, balance over excess, and love over strife.

My question for the day is not “How am I going to get what I need?”

What I do passionately seek to know is where to serve right now?! If the answer is with you, please feel free to reach out to me right away.

~Carpe Diane