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Want 24/7 Security D'etail at your fingertips?

Many of us have high tech built in security systems in our cars and touch pads to monitor the entry points to our homes. By now most of us know not to post pictures of ourselves and family while we are away on travel to avoid advertising that our homes are vacant to avoid becoming prey to a "home shopper" of the five fingered black masked variety. Shoot, these days they pull up unabashed mid-morning and enter cars and sliding glass doors with a casual arrogance that would make any passerby believe that they belong where they are going!

So what is the solution for peace of mind, family, and assets? I propose a supplemental solution that is simple to install, cost effective, and keeps you in complete control from your home, office, and cell phone simultaneously.

Begin with a short on-site consultation to determine your specific needs including any areas that might be possible points of entry (or departure in cases with young adults). Then work with my expert partners to assess how many monitors you wish to install and which devices you would like to include in your synchronized monitoring package. After a speedy installation and set up on your devices, you enter your log in and password to always have "virtual vision" of your home or office along with the ability to back up some of your data for future viewing!

Imagine a life with alerts on your cell phone that your garage door is opening while you are at work or you’re away on vacation and you check in on your home and see that there is a suspicious car parked in your driveway. That is the next best thing to having security detail 24/7!

Call now for your site assessment and keep your family or business safe anytime, anyplace from anywhere!

Please visit my website www.dianeabsoluteconsulting.com now and on the Services page click on Security System Support.

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